Hotel Landgasthaus Ständehof

Hotel Landgasthaus Ständenhof

Leisure tips for your short break or vacation in the Palatinate Forest

The Ständenhof, located directly on the B10, is an ideal starting point for hiking, cycling, shopping or simply exploring the region

The Palatinate Forest Nature Park is legendary. It is one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Germany and thus an important element for the natural area of ​​the Palatinate and is considered to be particularly worthy of protection. 

The Palatinate Forest has produced some scenic landmarks that are world famous: the Teufelstisch von Hinterweidenthal , the Jungfernsprung in Dahn, the Hochstein Dahn (climbing and hiking rock group) and the rock towers bride and groom, also in Dahn. And not only that: 300-year-old oak forests and extensive beech forests characterize the hiking scene, along the numerous and well-developed hiking trails.

The Palatinate Forest is characterized by a large number of castles and palaces. Worth mentioning is the Reichsburg Trifels near Annweiler, the Drachenfels Castle or the  Falken- and Wilgartaburg  near Wilgartswiesen, to name just a few.

Many museums, amusement parks and industrial monuments complement the tourist area of ​​the Palatinate Forest around the stand courtyard.

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